Technical Solution for Gas Holder

The mounting rail PlanET eco® Twinfix for air supported roofs was awarded the Silver medal of the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft DLG). An independent committee of experts honored technical innovations according to strict criteria. The official award ceremony will take place during the EnergyDecentral dinner in Hannover on November 12. PlanET will display the PlanET eco® Twinfix in hall 22 at stand 22A05.

The committee stresses the importance of this new invention as an “efficient system for fixing gas holder membranes and air supported roofs with low maintenance.” The PlanET eco® Twinfix mounting rail was developed for biogas holders with great volumes which are necessary for the flexible electricity production and therefore face greater forces. The new system has a maximum of static security, improved construction, and the material enables 3x greater force absorption to fix the gas holder membrane. As the tightening tube is separated into two semi-circles filled with air pressure, the maintenance work is straight-forward with minimal downtime. High Security and Functionality

Andre Baumeister, leader of PlanET’s R&D department, sums up the current technical status: ”The typical plan for securing air supported roofs normally uses screws with steel rails, casted trapezoidal cross sections or u-profile fixing with the clamp hose at the tank’s top. All systems face the danger that strong wind gusts may pull the foil out of its fixing. The greater the tank’s diameter, the stronger the tensions for the gas holders which cannot be fixed by the normal system.” Taking this into account, the development of a new product that can cope with the changed sizes was a logical step.


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