Press release: PlanET commissionend 5th biogas plant in UK

It enables industrial company to become more self-sufficient

PlanET Biogas UK Ltd. has recently commissioned their fifth Biogas plant into service. The 1.5 MW plant is situated on Singleton Birch’s Ltd. site at Melton Ross, Barnetby, North Lincolnshire. In Future, Singleton Birch Ltd, focussed on processing and delivery of limestone/chalk, will produce 40% of their onsite power requirements from biogas. Four local Farmers are providing 30,000 tonnes of feedstock every year.

Vreden/Birmingham, 07.08.2014: Singleton Birch Ltd operates several lime works which process raw material for the building industry, agriculture and water supply and distribution. Martin Haworth, technical director at Singleton Birch Ltd., is delighted that the energy costs of 10 Million £ annual will soon be reduced. “Since the beginning of commissioning in March 2014 everything is working very well. It is running very, very well, according to plan, and was delivered on budget, on target, and we are very, very pleased with it. For the Humber Region this AD plant is a unique project in terms of energy management, which sustainably ensures economic efficiency and a competitive operation of our energy consuming lime businesses”, reports Haworth. The establishment of the biogas plant is an essential component of the company’s strategy to reduce energy costs. Other important aspects are the newly gained independence from the electric supply mains and the aim to improve the CO2-results.

AD Aerial view_600_800AD Aerial view_02_800_600ADplant_Singleton_Birch_600_800Singleton Birch

Sugar beet in substrate mixture

Manure, slurry, maize and sugar beet supplied from four local farmers, together with grass from the Humberside Airport are the basis for the substrate mixture of the 1.5 MW plant located at the East coast of England. The benefits of the 96 m³ PlanET Vario feeder incl. grass & muck package, the gas-storage system PlanET Flexstore as well as the efficient desulphurisation of the raw biogas with the PlanET eco®cover convinced the constituent during the conceptualization stage as the suitable technical solution for the digestion line. At the moment one assumes an annual energy output of 12,000 MWh.

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