Head PlanET biogas plant Northrhine-Westfalia II

PlanET Rotacrex

Save £35,000 annually with micronisation

Substrate flexibility and cost reduction – PlanET Rotacrex is a powerful and efficient substrate preparation tool, which can easily be integrated into existing anaerobic digestion (AD) plants. Difficult substrates such as grass, straw or manure is shredded efficiently for optimum gas release, which as a result provides a higher gas yield. It is possible to integrate low cost raw materials in the substrate mix without compromising the gas yield.


PlanET Rotacrex R750 micro crushingPlanET Rotacrex R750 interior viewManure before micor crushing with PlanET Rotacrex R750Manure after micro crushing with PlanET Rotacrex R750PlanET Rotacrex R750 RePowering with micro crushing

Never before has RePowering been easier! Even if you are looking for ways to expand, but you have no permission for construction of additional feeder PlanET Rotacrex can be a rewarding alternative: the efficiency of your system is increased without increasing the feeder volume. The powerful shredding technology has already proven itself for many years in the waste and food industry. Especially the experience gained from the Rubble Recycling makes the Rotacrex less sensitive (for impurities).

The advantages at a glance