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PlanET NEWS: 100% Management of Manure with PlanET Vario

Market oriented development of the customers' favourite

The PlanET Biogastechnik GmbH has further developed its feeding system PlanET Vario which is now much more market-oriented. In addition to the familiar unique selling points, like modular design, 5-year warranty on push rods and container bottom, below-average power consumption and effective substrate flexibility, it is now possible to process 100% solid manure or other fibre-rich substrates. With this, the ‘PlanET Vario Manure and Grass PLUS’ is exceptionally suitable for repowering of a certain feeding technology.

“More and more users want to digest affordable and fibre-rich feeding substrates, like grass or solid manure. This is why we have further developed the major technical components of the PlanET Vario,” said Andreas Thesseling, Manager of the Feeding Systems Department at PlanET. “Besides the proven technical solutions, such as a second loosening auger and reinforcement of the substructure for heavier loads, a larger auger system and an automatic control of the output speed has been implemented. The special highlight is the interaction of the different measures, especially the auger design and the replaceable counter-cutters at the output made of special steel. The details, like the retainers on the outside walls and the higher hydraulic power, top the package off,” said the development specialist. “With this, the system is designed to operate at the optimum level, whilst, mitigating the components from overload”.

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Substrate flexibility and cost savings

“We are confident that the whole package of PlanET Vario ‘Manure and Grass PLUS’ will convince our customers,“ forecasted Thesseling. “Excellent customer satisfaction, which currently makes the PlanET Vario the number one choice among the feeding systems for solid material, can be improved again with these new features. We are now able to provide effective substrate flexibility to our users, good returns on investment and independency from political developments in the future.” The repowering with PlanET Vario is just as interesting. Up to €15,000 (£12,700) of savings per year are possible compared with a commercial mixer.” Interested farmers can obtain information on all technical developments of the new equipment package PlanET Vario ‘Manure and Grass PLUS’ and competent advice around the topic of re-powering from the PlanET expert advisers.