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Information about biogas and renewable energy in the UK

There are a range of sources providing facts and figures relevant to the renewable energy sector. Please find below the most important sources of information concerning biogas in the UK.

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Overall Energy Data

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) publish energy statistics for the UK. These cover the production, transformation, consumption, efficiency stocks, trade and prices:


There are a range of statistical publications that are available from the website. The following is a frequently referenced:

The Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES) is published annually in July and provides a comprehensive picture of UK energy production and use over the last five years, with key series taken back to 1970. Chapter 7 covers renewable energy.


Renewable Energy Data

The Renewable Energy STATisticS database (RESTATS), contains performance statistics on all relevant renewable energy sources in the UK.


Specification for biofertiliser

More and more AD plants recognize the value of the nutrient-rich digestate or biofertiliser. To check what requirements have to be fulfilled to meet the national standards, WRAP has set up an information site.