Head PlanET gas flame

PlanET Gas Flare

Maximum safety for you

The PlanET gas flare is available in three versions and can feature fully automated controls. Your added safety is reflected in the numerous technical features: the EN-certified burner controls take over the start-up process. The PlanET gas flare also features a low pressure warning device in its safety chain and CEE sockets and changeover switches on the control unit. The upstream compressor ensures that safe combustion is possible in the event of an emergency, even under the most difficult weather conditions. The gas flare can also be put into operation using an existing emergency power generator in the event of a power network failure.

PlanET gas flarePlanET gas flare

It goes without saying that operating the PlanET gas flare never create a vacuum. That is easy on your CHP unit and easy on your nerves. You can only obtain such a satisfaction guarantee from PlanET – compare for yourself!