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Biomethane: Tomorrow's green gas

Today, biogas is generally used directly at the place where it is produced in a CHP unit. However, biogas can also be refined to natural gas quality and fed directly into the natural gas network. This way, the upgraded gas can be transported flexibly and economically to the site of use. Here, the gas can be used to generate electricity and/or heat with enormous efficiency, or it can be used as fuel.

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PlanET Biogas has access to all of the leading methods of biogas upgrading over a pan-European technology network. Reference plants located in Germany or Canada already successfully run. To get more interesting information about the usage of tomorrows green gas, please download the following folder.

Download: PDF Biomethane: The Allrounder within the energy mix

The membrane technology – easy and safe

They called “membrane method”, obtained from Gastechnik Himmel GmbH, uses the principle of selective permeation. For this purpose, the highly-efficient gas separation modules SEPURAN® Green, developed by Evonik Industries, are used. Gases with higher solubility as well as smaller molecular volumes (CO2) penetrate the membrane very quickly. Large, less soluble gases (CH4) go through the membrane more slowly.