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Benefits of Biogas

Climate protection and added value

More than 7,100 AD plants (digesters) with an installed power of 2,780 megawatt produced around 17.5 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, 16.5 billion kilowatt hours of heat, as well as fuel in Germany in 2011. Therefore, committing the emission of 12.5 million tons greenhouse gases. If Renewable energies in Germany can be expanded as forecasted and will not be stopped politically, they might avoid expenditure for fossil fuel imports amounting to 33 billion EURO by 2020.

Climate protection by renewable energies

In 2011 alone, the turnover of the biogas industry amounts to almost six billion EURO; the total workforce in the industry is over 40,000. An army of specialists is needed from the initial idea to the finished plant and its professional operation. More than 700 small and medium enterprises (SME) provide substrate (e.g., energy plant growers) or utilize the output (biogas, electricity, fermentation products). The operation of the 7,100 biogas plants in Germany secures approximately 10,000 jobs. This strengthens the local medium-size enterprises in the rural areas.

Download: Renews Special: Value-creation for local communities

Guided Biogas tours – nationwide and international

Are you interested in guided biogas tours in order to get known our technique? Or do you want to present your biogas plant to the public by holding an open day on your plant site? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will support your event with material and human ressources.